Educational Events Student Show series at the EPC

Each year, more than 3,800 students experienced the arts in a whole new way, through professional performances at the Effingham Performance Center. Educators gave us such positive feedback about our Student Performances: ”Students were able to see the action. Excellent for those who cannot or have trouble visualizing the reading.” From the statehouse to the schoolhouse, there is growing recognition that the arts are a core component of a well rounded education. Arts experiences contribute in unique ways to developing creative capacities, which lie at the heart of new innovations considered vital to success in today’s global economy. Recent research demonstrates that students deeply involved in the arts are more likely to earn better grades, stay in school and exhibit fewer behavioral problems than students who are not. At just $6.00 per ticket, don’t miss this affordable opportunity to impact your students’ learning – join us for our 2017 – 2018 Student Performances at The EPC. If you have questions about the reservation process, please contact me at 217.540.2788, ext. 233 or email
Sarah Rueter, Director of Education

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All of the 2017-2018 Education Events have been completed. Please check back soon when we announce the 2018-2019 series.